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  • gz pRODUCT
    gz pRODUCT23 jam yang lalu

    juve is....

  • Trisna Art
    Trisna Art23 jam yang lalu

    brahim diaz?

  • Indrapraja Channel
    Indrapraja Channel23 jam yang lalu

    Where is TONALI ? Why Meite Mr.Piolo?

  • Rani Rana
    Rani Rana23 jam yang lalu

    Pro AC Milan makes their problem

  • Sutriadi Nugraha
    Sutriadi Nugraha23 jam yang lalu

    Forza roma

  • Roke Roke
    Roke Roke23 jam yang lalu

    Milan ganti2 pemain mlu sih kaya sinetron preman pensiun aja pemainnya ganti2 mlu.

  • Noah Okoth
    Noah Okoth23 jam yang lalu

    Goal of the season contender by Bruno 🔥

  • EgyptianKing#FSGOUT
    EgyptianKing#FSGOUT23 jam yang lalu

    Crazy goal

  • Roke Roke
    Roke Roke23 jam yang lalu

    Milan oon

  • sharifan54
    sharifan5423 jam yang lalu

    Pergantian pemain yang selalu konyol berakibat fatal buang2 poin

    NK THE LEGEND23 jam yang lalu

    I am looking 👀 for those barking fan who bark at Ronaldo when juve lost against milan..i also know most of them are from another league and club..that's why karma hit back and chance of winning league become 0% when they lost to celta vigo hahaha with celta 😂😂😂😂😂 and remember wherever ronaldo plays which means it doesn't make sense that barca gona win the ucl next season..there is always a turning point..

    NK THE LEGEND23 jam yang lalu

    I am looking 👀 for those barking fan who bark at Ronaldo when juve lost against milan..i also know most of them are from another league and club..that's why karma hit back and chance of winning league become 0% when they lost to celta vigo hahaha with celta 😂😂😂😂😂 and remember wherever ronaldo plays which means it doesn't make sense that barca gona win the ucl next season..there is always a turning point..

  • Mohamed Ibrahim
    Mohamed Ibrahim23 jam yang lalu

    This game is so entertaining that there was so many VAR moments. I can't take my eyes off it. It was that entertaining.

  • Sergio F R
    Sergio F R23 jam yang lalu

    2:08 grave simulation

  • Ranajoy Das
    Ranajoy Das23 jam yang lalu

    Forza Juve ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Beast
    Beast23 jam yang lalu

    Questo è un suicidio praticamente...da scudetto d'inverno a Pioli is on fire e adesso... mamma mia se nn vi qualificate nemmeno in Champions meglio che vi nascondiate cari milanisti. Da una stagione splendida ad una stagione fallimentare è un attimo. Seriamente nn fate andare la Juventus in Champions... vedete di vincere a Bergamo grazie.

  • iosononessuno 0000
    iosononessuno 000023 jam yang lalu

    Bello questo Milan vs 9 uomi in area del Cagliari, dinamica come partita

  • Shane Ali
    Shane Ali23 jam yang lalu

    Neymar ronaldo messi would be awesome PSG can make it happen

  • Tenzin ms13
    Tenzin ms1323 jam yang lalu

    If Neymar is in this game. Than he will get at least two penalty.

  • the doubting
    the doubting23 jam yang lalu

    Yeah, just make this match into penalty ffs this is like one of my fifa match

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee23 jam yang lalu

    Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cristianoooooooooo

  • Stefano D'Incecco
    Stefano D'Incecco23 jam yang lalu

    Napoli ladro, rigore inesistente

  • Kieran Bennion
    Kieran Bennion23 jam yang lalu

    torino where 6 points from champions league 2 seasons ago, now they are 3 points off relegation, transformation

  • Artur Drabyak
    Artur Drabyak23 jam yang lalu

    "Quindi se batti il Cagliari torni finalmente in Champions dopo 7 anni di buio e sofferenza?" "Si,ma niente di serio"

  • Ahmad Taushif
    Ahmad Taushif23 jam yang lalu

    Why to play all 90 min... Just play sun death if you only give penalty kick for no reason

  • dicky krisnanda
    dicky krisnanda23 jam yang lalu

    Could U imagine U just need to win againt Cagliari at San Siro stadium whatever the score is but U got only draw👍

  • defandra nurredityo
    defandra nurredityo23 jam yang lalu

    Kjaer has been superb overall for us this season, but he at times suffered a lapses of concentration that lead to misjudgement/misreading of the ball trajectory. It happen when we lost against Inter which lead to Lautaro headed goal. It happen again tonight as he misjudge his position and failed to anticipated the cross that lead to Pavoletti header. We were lucky it was Gigio on the goal spare us a further embarrasment

  • Irfan Irfan
    Irfan Irfan23 jam yang lalu

    Parma will be back to A soon with new stadium...

  • Cranjis McBasketball
    Cranjis McBasketball23 jam yang lalu

    I miss those old days when we use to watch Kaka ,and now these disappointments

  • Mia Hardianty
    Mia Hardianty23 jam yang lalu

    Ac milan : goodbye UCL

  • Cranjis McBasketball
    Cranjis McBasketball23 jam yang lalu

    Again* for 8 years. They need to maintain their streak

  • Francesco imperium Romanum
    Francesco imperium Romanum23 jam yang lalu

    Non conoscevo un giocare della Juventus chiamato calvarese, però il 3 goal su rigore lo ha calciato bene 😏 la rubentus colpisce ancora! Rigore inesistente. Classica sudditanza arbitrale nei confronti della rubentus.

  • Cranjis McBasketball
    Cranjis McBasketball23 jam yang lalu

    I thought Milan would end 8 year long drought of UCL Qualification , and could win Serie A . But F*** !!!!! We have officially bottled a crucial game like Barcelona and it seems pretty impossible to win against Atalanta :((

  • AM
    AM23 jam yang lalu

    They completely bottled it

  • Luca Varderio
    Luca Varderio23 jam yang lalu

    si ma andate in ordine mettete il Napoli che ha giocato alle 12

    RAJVEER SINGH23 jam yang lalu

    In starting 70 minutes Milan looked like they were forced to play this match

  • Jagat Karki
    Jagat Karki23 jam yang lalu

    Ronaldo king

  • Steve
    Steve23 jam yang lalu

    Ci siamo prestati a una recita, peccato.

    GORAN POPOVSKI23 jam yang lalu

    Forca Juveeee

  • Carmine Del Prete
    Carmine Del Prete23 jam yang lalu

    In tutti i modi anche tuffandosi

  • Alicia Landazuri
    Alicia LandazuriHari Yang lalu

    buenas samdoria

  • Johnny Mundo
    Johnny MundoHari Yang lalu

    Penalty festival and red card feetival

    HALD-MATALONGOSHari Yang lalu

    Penaldo ghosting and the referees helping Juventus as expected, will not be surprising if next week they make Napoli and AC Milan lose so Penaldo won't go to the conference league

    HALD-MATALONGOSHari Yang lalu

    yt will be censoring my comment over Pirlo's money to silence my voice

  • Mas wakisantoso
    Mas wakisantosoHari Yang lalu

    Peter hauge 😭 Pioli 😡 out

  • Se-kak Kurniawan
    Se-kak KurniawanHari Yang lalu

    Pioli out

  • Le Bro
    Le BroHari Yang lalu

    The game sound is missing

  • Pujinopie Hartanto
    Pujinopie HartantoHari Yang lalu

    Juve ke liga malam Jumat

  • F.Chiesa
    F.ChiesaHari Yang lalu

    Listen, listen. This is gone. We go to Atalanta B.C. Exactly the same. We go again. Come on!

  • iLham doy
    iLham doyHari Yang lalu

    Apaan ini banyaj finalti aneh

  • AA
    AAHari Yang lalu


  • Warden L
    Warden LHari Yang lalu

    No penalty No Win

  • Евгений Романов
    Евгений РомановHari Yang lalu

    Sassuolo 😍

  • Ahmad Alkhalaf
    Ahmad AlkhalafHari Yang lalu

    Var was very busy in this match

  • Jajai Bushido
    Jajai BushidoHari Yang lalu

    why didn't Milan starts with Mandzukic? a must win game and they start with no striker up top. what a joke

  • mohd kuzairi
    mohd kuzairiHari Yang lalu

    san siro bad luck

  • Shubham Raizada
    Shubham RaizadaHari Yang lalu

    Milan should give Hauge his chances now.

  • Sayan Paul
    Sayan PaulHari Yang lalu

    Now Juve has two possibilities to enter in top 4. 1. Napoli drops point against Hellas Verona ( draw or loose) or 2. AC Milan drops point against Atalanta ( draw or loose) ..and obviously Juve has to win their last Game.

  • Alan
    AlanHari Yang lalu

    Well been milan fans for so many years, i loved them to get on Ucl but this last match will be last checked for us did the squad and coach ready for ucl? Let say we end up qualify for ucl qualifying and beaten by small club from no where. I just wanna say pioli out, ibra do most work not him, bring back Carlo a, we need to focus on building winning mentality. Not with this coach.

  • Azmi Danuri
    Azmi DanuriHari Yang lalu

    Napoli needed the ref’s help. Shameful.

  • Cristian De lisa
    Cristian De lisaHari Yang lalu

    Ma fiorentina vs napoli dimenticata

  • Mode Senyap Official
    Mode Senyap OfficialHari Yang lalu

    Segitunya pengen ke liga champion

  • Alejandro Serrano
    Alejandro SerranoHari Yang lalu

    Robó 💰

  • Ekokurnia
    EkokurniaHari Yang lalu

    Why it's soo hard for playing hauge?

  • argen putra
    argen putraHari Yang lalu

    Milan dalam bahaya pada pekan terakhir

  • Bikram Niraula
    Bikram NiraulaHari Yang lalu

    I am sure Milan will win Atalanta by 3:2 to secure UCL.

  • aRR0n
    aRR0nHari Yang lalu

    Pioli out

  • Adolf
    AdolfHari Yang lalu


  • Ony Film
    Ony FilmHari Yang lalu

    Keep spirit and go ahead Milan #ForzaMilan ❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤 from 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

  • DeBuDDi
    DeBuDDiHari Yang lalu

    unlucky milan

  • I C
    I CHari Yang lalu

    srsly y does milan always bottle it????

  • Video YouTube
    Video YouTubeHari Yang lalu

    Serie A, ma quando escono le highlights di Fiorentina-Napoli?

  • 1211 91
    1211 91Hari Yang lalu

    Come mai non c'è Ronaldo in copertina?

  • Deden Fardenan
    Deden FardenanHari Yang lalu

    juventus is never changed. referee's lovers

  • NA
    NAHari Yang lalu

    2:18 Milenkovic looking like he want to end that ref’s career

  • Alexis Villarreal
    Alexis VillarrealHari Yang lalu

    Partidazo de cuadrado. Orgullo colombiano.

  • iL Gommista
    iL GommistaHari Yang lalu

    seeee ginger de merd

  • Alberto Barnus
    Alberto BarnusHari Yang lalu

    Ma la partita fiorentina napoli non ce

  • Jajang Amir
    Jajang AmirHari Yang lalu

    Jago tandang si milan

  • Yukiro
    YukiroHari Yang lalu

    Only this match I watch as a inter fans vs referee club and lose but laughing all night long 😂😂😂😂

  • Gino Ricci
    Gino RicciHari Yang lalu

    7 milioni a Ibra, 12 a Gigio, raddoppio a chala, Maldini quelli li restituisci di tasca tua